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GPS Vehicle Following Framework encourages you to track your vehicle progressively from your mobile. So you can simply screen your vehicle development like vehicle position, vehicle state (Start/Stop/Move), Speed, Fuel in tank, A/C on/off status and so on.

This GPS based application which is introduced in the client's vehicle and just interior clients can enroll and get to the application others can't. Just those can enroll who are furnished with client id and watchword from the organization. Enlistment is done just to enroll IMEI of the mobile phone.
On the off chance that you are working an armada of at least two vehicles, wish to enhance the productivity and security of those vehicles, and have an energy to achieve your clients all the more viably and proficiently, at that point the appropriate response is yes. GPS armada vehicle following enables organizations to watch their vehicles and their drivers, so they can better boost these resources for achieve their clients and customers adequately. It additionally lessens fuel squander, enhance support practices and make client benefit more positive.

With regards to GPS following frameworks, you have various options accessible to you, yet just a single offers the extensive components consolidated with reasonableness that you will discover with Track Your Truck.
Features of App
  • Always know where your car
  • Internet Vehicle Tracking
  • Navigate to your car’s exact location
  • Emergency roadside and medical assistance
  • Tax logbook and expense management system
  • Tax logbook and expense management system

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