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At Versatile Mobitech Leaders Apps, we can enable present and potential voters to get to your Leaders campaign with their fingertips. Regardless of your objective statistic, we can build a mobile application to give your constituents valuable assets so they can remain included with each part of your Leaders agenda. From your profile and campaign guarantees to data on volunteering and contributing to your campaign, users will also have quick and easy access to your campaign's contact data ideal for their iPhone or Android device.
In the event that you trust recent technology doesn't impact legislative issues and decisions, you haven't been focusing. Look at the most recent presidential election. Like never before, technology is reliably changing the way we speak with each other and offer data. Mobile applications are not only a trend, they have turned into a necessary instrument to building connections.

Features of App

·        Control messaging without interference or competition
·        Aggregate all of your social media and network feeds
·       Seamlessly integrate traditional and new media sources
·       Build custom tools and collect data relevant to your mission
·       Subscription based ownership allows for flexibility and expansion

The mobile application field is never again a place only held for games, social networks or messaging. It is currently a medium for making applicable mobile connections. So as to achieve quick paced and in a hurry voters, politicians are starting to see the advantages of cell phone and tablet applications and how they can impact decisions. As cell phones keep on becoming sleeker and more propelled, users are overlooking their tablets, and instead of reaching into their pockets for entertainment, utilities and research.


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